The Importance of Translations Performed by Native Translators and Its Importance for Corporate Performance

Translations by native translators
The Importance of Translations Performed by Native Translators and Its Importance for Corporate Performance

Clear communication is one of the fundamental prerequisites for the success of any business. This is especially true when it comes to communications aimed at an international audience. Global brands and market leaders are well aware of this and treat it as a strategic issue within their organizations because they understand that it is an aspect that directly affects their brand’s bottom line.

Messages translated from one language to another must be handled professionally, and it goes far beyond a “cold” direct translation. For instance, it is not enough that the person in charge is familiar with the source and target languages. Only a native translator who knows the target country and is familiar with the company’s market segment can provide a quality translation.

If the communication is not natural to the consumer, the material may be perceived as translated, unintentionally driving them away from your company’s services.

If you are in doubt about the need for translation by a native language professional, listed below are some of the benefits this option can bring to a company.

Content in a new language will be addressed to readers who live, communicate, consume, and view the world differently than where the original communication was conceived. Therefore, only a local translator familiar with the culture of the country can interpret and adapt to the nuances of the local language, including emotions and local symbolism.

Native translators have extensive knowledge of the local culture as well as the political, economic, and legal aspects of the target language country.

When designing a translation, native linguists localize key parameters such as time zone, date format, currency units, and wording and examples for specific regional uses.

Languages are constantly evolving, and new words and expressions are introduced from time to time to explain new concepts. Therefore, a translator who is a native speaker living in the target country can keep abreast of the evolution of the language itself.

Thus, the quality of a company’s communications can vary greatly depending on whether or not it has native-speaking translators who live in the target country. And excellent communication with your target audience is critical for any company that wants to stand out in an increasingly competitive and connected market.

That being said, make sure to choose the right partner to stay ahead of the competition and face the challenges and opportunities offered by the global marketplace—choose Dokutech Translations!

Dokutech is made up of a team of native language translators that care to perfect the translations by doing more than just translating—we are consistent with terminology, convey the message of the source text into the target text, and make sure all is comprehensible, clear, and adequate.

With Dokutech Translations, quality and meaning are never compromised.


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