Translation company

Dokutech Translations , a technical documentation translation company, specializes in translation services with several years of experience. We are a young and dynamic translation translation company with a strong presence in the market.

Who we are

As a highly specialized translation company, we have gathered several different language skills to offer you a service with high quality standards.

With globalization, the level of quality of translation services provided by
translation companies in different areas and businesses is obliged to follow very specific international quality standards.

Dokutech Translations provides translation services according to the requirements of the ISO 17100 standard.

equipa unida numa empresa de tradução

An asset

We are the strategic partner for companies seeking to optimize their multilingual communication. We add value as we speak your customer’s mother tongue facilitating business communication, sales and business growth.

We are a translation company that supports the internationalization of companies as a communication facilitator.

We guarantee maximum quality at all stages of the process, adjusting a personalized proposal.

As a translation company, we bring together specialized professionals and know-how to cover all needs:

As a specialized translation company, we positively contribute to the growth of your business, with services carried out in accordance with the strictest quality standards, representing added value for the client and the market:

Professional translators and language experts

All translators have higher education in the working languages and extensive language experience.

Native and bilingual translators who guarantee a professional and efficient service

All translators are native speakers; the majority bilingual, which allows us to assure a professional and efficient service, representing, by this means, an added value for both client and market.

The Principle of Four Eyes

All translations are subject to a final technical and linguistic review by qualified experts.

Continuous training

Monitoring and continuous training of all professionals to maintain the highest level of quality and excellence.

Meeting deadlines

Scrupulous compliance with the deadlines that we propose, defined together with the client before the project is assigned.


We guarantee a response to the customer as soon as possible and constantly, contributing so that the customer can free their attention to other areas of their business.


We work according to strict principles of confidentiality that ensure maximum confidentiality of all information provided by the client.

Implementation of customized processes to each client

Direct client follow-up at all stages of the process to ensure that all client needs are met.

Technological know-how

Computer-Assisted Translation Tools ( CAT-Tools) are essential and indispensable to facilitate and improve the translation process. These tools allow the creation of translation memories and terminological databases, ensuring accuracy and terminological consistency.

Quality control processes

Use of quality control software that, following the creation of translation memories and terminological databases, allow to guarantee a strict control of the final quality of each project.

Creation of terminological databases

The creation of the terminological databases is carried out by highly specialized linguists who carry out the localization and translation of the respective terms and taking into account the business culture and final validation by the client.

Specialization in various sectors of activity

Dokutech is a translation company specialized in several areas of the industry including Engineering, Medicine, Marketing and Communication, Technology, etc.

Certified Translation

Certification of official documents according to the requirements of the entities and/ or their countries, either through the use of notarial services of which we are partners or the affixing of the apostille seal in accordance with the Hague Convention.

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With our language and technological expertise

Dokutech is internationally recognized as the go-to translation company for businesses expanding their communication across borders.

Our team

At Dokutech Translations, passion for work, positive leadership, and the relentless pursuit of exceptional results are the pillars that uphold our culture. We believe that the key to success lies in the importance of our incredible team, composed of competent, highly specialized, and dedicated professionals.

We are more than a translation company; we are a family united by a common purpose: delivering linguistically superior solutions to our clients, always with a smile on our faces. We understand that communication is the essence of business and the foundation for any successful collaboration. Therefore, we value trust and transparency in all our relationships, both internally and externally.

Dokutecos are experienced experts in technical translation, passionate about languages, and knowledgeable about various industry sectors. Each one possesses unique skills that, when combined, create an unstoppable force of knowledge and expertise. There is no technical challenge too complex or too demanding that our team cannot handle with perfection.

Positive leadership is a fundamental element in our company. Leadership that oversees, but also inspires and motivates every team member to reach their fullest potential. We foster an encouraging work environment where ideas are valued, collaboration is encouraged, and innovation thrives. Our leaders believe that each person has something valuable to contribute, and together, we are capable of achieving extraordinary results.

Our primary focus is on delivering results and satisfying our clients. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines, exceeding expectations, and delivering high-quality work. Each project is treated with utmost attention to detail and professional rigor. We believe that our clients’ success is our success, which is why we strive daily to provide translation solutions that drive your business beyond borders.

Dokuteco Cíntia Leite

The behavioral barometer, the MacGyver of the team. I love the fact that I can bring order to chaos and solve the most complex problems. I have a communicative, proactive, and extremely dynamic personality. Moreover, I am self-taught, which allows me to constantly learn. My passion for personal development and human behaviour drives me not only to improve my life but but also the lives of those around me. Challenging myself and staying enthusiastic are essential elements of my journey. I have a special appreciation for surrounding myself with positive people who radiate energy and joy. To relax, there is nothing better than spending time at the gym, preferably engaged in intense workouts. The creation of Dokutech was undoubtedly the most challenging project I have ever faced, surpassing even my role as a mother, which is of utmost importance to me. I feel truly fulfilled with everything I have accomplished so far

Dokuteco Marco Mesquita

The company's Managing Director. Extremely professional, cheerful, dynamic and relaxed. I have a preference for keeping my time well organized and stress-free. I consider myself a skilled communicator, capable of expressing myself timely and occasionally untimely. Always available for the laughs, a good conversation and moments of relaxation. Always available for the laughs, a good conversation and moments of relaxation. Always available for the laughs, a good conversation and moments of relaxation. I have excellent taste in musical, although not always understood, and an aspiration to be a culinary critic. From an early age, I developed a passion for the world of languages which led me to co-found Dokutech Translations with Cíntia Leite in 2012.

Dokuteco Cláudia Sousa

Mother of 8 four-legged children and fanatic for any sport and physical activity, but with a lot of tendency to break a bone. I have a passion for cooking, even though I can't eat half the dishes. In addition to translation, I dedicate my free time to a thousand other professions such as Uber driver, farmer, teacher, psychologist, among many others. Hiking and cleaning is my therapy. I consider myself a well-disposed, friendly, responsible and organized person, however, I am a little stressed. I have a compulsive tic that forces me to apologize all the time and the word “No” is a term that is not in my vocabulary. Other than that, I like to be present for everything and everyone.

Dokuteco Ricardo Casais

I'm 2 meters tall — yes, 2 meters. However, I do not harm a fly unless the fly has no common sense. They call me the king of Photoshop and say I'm a top-notch detective with a fishy memory but an enormous ability to withhold useless information. A little distracted, but professional and able to give the liter under pressure. I am in love with my family, my friends, my cats and football, especially the huge Sporting Clube de Portugal, but my favorite physical activity is in front of a screen with the PlayStation controller in my hand to play with my son! If he wasn't a translator, he would certainly be a comedian specializing in black humor and bad jokes.

Dokuteco Tatiana Almeida

I'm the baby on the team, I love to talk, but I never miss deadlines. Known as Sheldon, I'm constantly sharing unusual facts. Nothing stops me when I have something to say, literally. I am kind, always ready to help and persistent. I deal well with stress when listening to good rock and roll. My interests consist of reading, reading and also reading (all in that order). If I wasn't a translator, I'd probably be a historian. God knows why.


Por que devo contratar uma empresa de tradução profissional?

Uma empresa de tradução presta serviços profissionais e garante que os seus documentos técnicos são traduzidos de forma precisa e fiável, preservando a mensagem original e evitando erros ou mal-entendidos. Assim são evitados problemas de comunicação com os seus clientes, parceiros e fornecedores e, além disso, aumenta a confiança e a credibilidade da sua marca no mercado.

Como é que uma empresa de tradução profissional pode ajudar a minha empresa a economizar tempo e dinheiro?

Ao contratar uma empresa de tradução, a sua empresa pode economizar tempo e dinheiro de várias formas. Primeiro, ao evitar erros de tradução que poderiam levar a atrasos e processos morosos de correção, reduz o tempo de conclusão do projeto. Para além disso, pode reduzir os custos, garantindo que a tradução é feita corretamente à primeira. Por fim, contratar uma empresa de tradução permite que a sua empresa comunique de forma mais eficaz com os seus clientes, parceiros e fornecedores, criando assim novas oportunidades de negócios e ainda maior rentabilidade.

Qual é o retorno do investimento (ROI) que é possível alcançar ao contratar uma empresa de tradução profissional?

Ao contratar uma empresa de tradução irá certamente verificar um retorno do investimento (ROI) devido a vários fatores como a economia de tempo e dinheiro, a redução de erros de comunicação e melhoria da qualidade da tradução. Por sua vez, estes fatores representam também uma maior satisfação do cliente, maior retenção de clientes, melhores oportunidades de negócios e maior rentabilidade ao longo do tempo.