Technical Translation

What is technical translation?

Looking to improve communication and overcome language barriers? Look no further than technical translation, a high-value service that has become increasingly important for companies seeking to communicate cross-border., whether it is instruction manuals, contracts s , patents, or other technical documents, etc., qualified technical translators are equipped to handle the specific terminology and challenges that come with translating such texts.



Because it focuses on texts that contain specific terminology, technical translation poses an especially high challenge. To produce a reliable technical translation, a qualified translator must not only transmit information but also build discourses and transmit knowledge from the original meaning. Only in this way is it possible to perform a reliable technical translation, apply the correct and specific terminology of the branch and perform a good job.

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The need for interdisciplinary and multifaceted training of a translation professional is fundamental for the technical translation process, in addition to the theoretical and linguistic bases.


The steps followed in the translation process include

* In these cases, the translation needs to be officially recognized to be valid.

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The presence of specialized terminology is a characteristic of technical texts, although, by itself, it is not enough to classify a text as “technical”, since numerous disciplines and subjects that are not “technical” have specialized terminology.

The terminological consistency in technical translation is of special importance for effective and flawless communication.


This is where CAT-tools, or translation tools, come in handy. Those tools are of utmost importance especially in technical translation, since this technology allows the creation of specific terminological databases for each client and area of expertise.

At Dokutech Translations we work daily with the following CAT-Tools:


SDL Trados Studio







Flawless technical translations requires not only linguistic expertise but also a deep understanding of the industry, regardless of the field of specialization.

In today’s global market, technical translations are essential for companies to establish their presence.

They not only ensure employee safety but also improve company productivity by facilitating effective communication.

Several industries need technical translations including :

Consumer Goods
Chemical installations
Agricultural industries
Pharmaceutical companies
Processing companies
Medical equipment
Government organizations

Technical translation tis currently one of the most in-demand professional services.

With high-quality translations aiding in the mitigation of various risks, such as serious industrial accidents caused by improper use of electrical appliances, inadequate service delivery to patients, and operational failures in companies.

Dokutech Translations is your trusted business partner for technical translation services, including user manuals, catalogues, security instructions, installation guides, and software translations.

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What is technical translation and why is it important?

Technical translation is the specialized translation of documentation from various business sectors and industries that contain specific and complex terminology, such as technical specifications, instruction manuals, research reports, and more. Engineering, technology, science, and medicine are just a few examples of industries that require highly specialized technical translation services. This is because technical translations must maintain the quality of the product or service, comply with safety regulations and standards, and adhere to technical specifications.

Why choose a Professional Technical Translation Service?

A professional technical translation service ensures that technical documentation is translated accurately and consistently, preserving technical terminology and avoiding translation errors. In addition, it can help you to save time and resources, reducing the risk of errors and increasing the efficiency and quality of your work, as well as improving communication with customers, business partners and suppliers.

How to choose a Professional Technical Translation Company?

When choosing a technical translation company, it is important to ensure that it has experience in translating technical documentation within your industry. It should also have a team of expert linguists that includes translators and proofreaders. Additionally, check if the company offers proofreading and editing services, uses translation technologies and tools, and has a quality control process in place. Choosing a professional technical translation company is essential for ensuring the quality and effectiveness of your technical documentation translation.