Software localization translation

What is Software Localization Translation?

Software localization involves adapting or translating software, applications, systems or games to another language or culture. It is a complex process that goes beyond simple document translation, as it involves not only translating the text, but also understanding and adapting visual elements such as menus, error messages, and configuration options.

Cultural review is also an important aspect of software localization to ensure that the software is adapted to meet the expectations and customs of local users. For example, if the software is translated into Japanese, the visual elements and layout of the text should be adapted to meet the expectations of Japanese users.

Overall, software localization is an essential part of the software internationalization process, enabling the software to expand its user base and reach new markets.

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How does terminology localization work?

Terminology localization involves the translation of technical or subject-specific terms into another language. This process is particularly important in technical areas such as medicine, technology, and engineering, where accuracy and consistency are crucial.

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The process of terminology localization typically involves the following steps:

Collecting terminology

The initial step is to gather the pertinent terminology that requires translation, which could consist of documents, technical specifications, websites, and other materials.

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Creating a glossary

Subsequently, the relevant terms are compiled into a glossary, which facilitates easy and consistent reference for the translators.

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Translating the terms

Next, the terms within the glossary are translated into the target language by specialized translators in the field.

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Reviewing the translation

Once translated, the terms are then thoroughly reviewed by domain experts to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the translation.

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Integrating the translated terms

Finally, the translated terms are integrated into the relevant documents, applications or other materials.

In essence, terminology localization is a critical process that ensures the consistency and precision of translating technical or specific terms from one language to another. This process is conducted by specialized translators and encompasses the collection, translation, proofreading, and integration of the terms.