Reducing communicational inaccuracies is crucial. Inaccurate translations can have a negative impact on businesses.

At Dokutech you will find:

– Quality assurance in all stages, from a customized offer to the final delivery of the document.

– All translators are native, with most being bilingual and having higher education in the field and declared experience.

– All translations must undergo technical and linguistic proofreading by qualified experts before being delivered to the client;

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A quality translation service provides benefits and value to its customers:

A quality translation service offers the perfect combination of accuracy, consistency, security and flexibility which helps to ensure the success of a translation and customer satisfaction.

Specialized Translation

Why should I hire a professional translation company?


Hiring a professional translation company is critical for the accuracy and clarity of translated content. Especially in technical documentation.


A translation company ensures consistency in the translation of technical terminology and other elements throughout the text.

Saving time

Hiring a translation company helps save companies time since the translation process is carried out by highly qualified professionals.

Cultural knowledge

Knowledge of local culture and the linguistic particularities of the target audience is key to ensuring that the message is conveyed clearly and effectively.

Legal requirements

In some sectors, there is a need to comply with legal requirements, and a translation company ensures compliance with these requirements.

Importance of a translation service performed by a professional translator

Language knowledge

A translator must have fluency in the source language and the target language, including technical vocabulary, grammatical structure and cultural nuances.

Cultural knowledge

It is important that the translator understands cultural differences between the source and destination languages, to avoid misunderstandings or translation errors.

Technical knowledge

Depending on the subject, it is possible that the translator has to have specific technical knowledge, such as medicine, technology and law, among others.

Writing and communication skills

The translator must be able to write clearly and concisely, and to convey the original meaning accurately and effectively.

Attention to detail

Translation is a work that requires attention to detail, as even small errors can have significant implications.

Ability to work under pressure

Often deadlines are tight, so it is important that the translator is able to work efficiently and produce high-quality translations even under pressure.


The translator must be able to adapt to different writing styles and themes, and to deal with complex issues effectively.

Knowledge of technological tools

The translator must be familiar with electronic translation tools, such as translation software, automatic translation programs and electronic dictionaries, among others.

A well-qualified translator must have sound linguistic, cultural and technical knowledge, as well as advanced writing and communication skills, attention to detail and ability to work under pressure. In addition, flexibility and knowledge of technological tools are valuable skills for a professional translator.