Project Management

What is language project management?

Language project management involves planning, coordinating, and executing translation, localization, and other language-related tasks.

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Identification of customer needs

Before starting a language project, it is essential to understand the client's needs concerning translation or other language services, including the target language, deadline, target audience, and project objective.

Feature Selection

Project managers work directly with teams of translators, proofreaders, and other language professionals to complete a project.

Estimated Costs and Time

Based on the information provided by the client and the selected resources, the project manager can estimate the time and cost required to complete the project.

Development of a Project Plan

Using the estimated costs and time, the project manager creates a comprehensive project plan that includes schedules, goals, budget, communication strategy, and other relevant information.

Execution of the Project

The selected resource team initiates the process of localization, translation, proofreading, or other language services according to the project plan.

Monitoring and Control

The project manager oversees the development of the project and makes necessary adjustments to ensure the project stays within the established deadline and budget.

Delivery of the Project

Upon completion, the project is delivered to the client, along with any additional information or relevant documents.

In short, language project management is a complex process involving several stages, led by a project manager in cooperation with a team of specialized professionals. The ultimate goal is to provide high-quality service that meets the customer's needs within the agreed time and budget.