Machine Translation

What is machine translation?

Machine translation refers to the use of artificial intelligence models to translate texts or speech from one language to another. These models are trained with large amounts of data from previous translations and learn how to make accurate translations over time.

While machine translation is not perfect and still presents errors, it can be a helpful tool for people to communicate.

Travel apps, real-time translations during phone conversations, and website translations for different countries and regions are some of the most common applications.

Machine translation is a constantly evolving area, and its use is expected to increase significantly in the future.

robot a clicar num teclado de portátil

Some of the intended forms of use include:

However, it is important to note that despite advances in machine translation, post-editing by a professional translator is essential. Machine translation still faces challenges, such as preserving cultural nuances, translating slang and idioms, maintaining terminological consistency, and more.


Post-editing is the process of revising and correcting translations made by automatic translation models.

The purpose of post-editing is to improve the quality and accuracy of the translation to make it suitable.

The post-editing process is performed by a professional translator who has language skills and in-depth cultural knowledge to correct errors and improve translation fluidity and clarity.

The translator reviews the machine translation word for word, correcting grammatical, syntax, and terminology errors. Additionally, they improve the overall cohesion and fluidity of the translation to ensure that it is clear and easy to understand for the target audience.

Post-editing is an essential part of the translation process as it helps to ensure that the translations are accurate and of high quality.

Choosing a translation company instead of automatic translation has several advantages. Such as:

Firstly, the translation is performed by people for people, resulting in higher quality and more accurate translation.

The importance of technology in any professional sector, whether in the area of translation or any other, is recognized.

In the translation process, the machine-person combination results in an added value when the functionalities of the first and the skills of the second complement each other: the machines make the tools available to the professional, allowing him to manage his time and resources with greater agility and profitability.

It is profitable in the short and long term

Machine translation is a click away, it does not imply travel or increased costs, but it still has a price.

To opt for an automatic translation is to opt for a probability. There is a high probability of getting an inaccurate translation and a low probability of getting exactly what you are looking for and/or fitting (or deemed fitting). The probability that the result does not correspond to the source text is high and can bring future problems, putting your reputation, your image and professional relationships at risk.

Do not overestimate new technologies. Choose to invest a little more time and money in the quality and confidence that only translation professionals can guarantee you.

Sensitivity and rigour

Once again, the human capacity and, in this case, the capacity of professionals in the field of translation, is unmatched in terms of perception and identification of errors and other possible inconsistencies in a given text. If the source text contains errors, the probability of an automatic system identifying these situations and alerting the user to them is not guaranteed, while the professional translator or, at a later stage, the proofreader, will identify and correct them safely. In addition, and if necessary, and based on the principle of absolute rigour – the principle by which we are governed at Dokutech – the clarification of any doubts with the customer will be sought, to ensure and deliver a precise and flawless result.

Guaranteed specialization

At a time when developments in all areas are constant and successive, we need professional and specialized help to understand or imply these same evolutions.

The specialization of translation professionals ensures the reliable representation of these same realities, translating each context according to the target audience.

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