German Translations

What does German Translation consist of?

At Dokutech Translations, we provide high-quality language services in all languages. However, our specialization lies in German translations. German is spoken by over 180 million people worldwide, with approximately one hundred million speaking it as their native language. It is the official language of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Liechtenstein, and other countries.

As the largest economic power in Europe with a thriving industry that exports worldwide, including to Portuguese-speaking countries, our German customers have a high demand for German translations. We receive many requests for translations from German, such as instruction manuals, contract documents, declarations of conformity, patents, safety instructions, technical sheets, marketing materials, medical equipment, and more.

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We specialize in German translations, with 90% of our customers based in Germany.

Our native and bilingual translators possess different areas of expertise and above-average skills, ensuring that we deliver high-quality translations that meet the rigorous standards demanded by our Germanic clients. We always meet deadlines and quality criteria, which has earned us the loyalty of many long-standing customers.

For customers:

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For translators:

Are you a German to Portuguese or Portuguese to German translator looking for new job opportunities? Contact us! We are constantly seeking talented individuals to join our team of German translators.


What are the specifics and advantages of the German translation?

Translating to and from German has certain specificities that make it a challenging language to translate accurately. German grammar is complex, and the language is known for its compound words, regional variations, and idioms. Therefore, it is important to choose a professional technical translation service that resorts to experienced translators specialized in the German language and familiar with its specificities.

Why choose a professional technical translation service?

Choosing a professional German translation service ensures that communication in German is accurate, reliable, and culturally appropriate. Professional translators use their technical knowledge to ensure that terminology and grammar are translated correctly and that the original message of the text is preserved. This is especially important when translating technical documents that require precise terminology. A German translation performed by a professional translation company allows your company to communicate confidently and effectively in German and German-speaking markets.

Why should I translate my company's documentation into German?

Translating your company's documentation into German can help you communicate with German customers and suppliers and expand your business in one of the largest economic powers in Europe and the world. Establishing your brand in Germany and building long-lasting business relationships is another advantage of investing in German translations.