DIN ISO 17100 Standard

What is DIN ISO 17100 Standard?

The ISO 17100 DIN standard is an international benchmark for the provision of translation services.

This standard sets out the necessary requirements for ensuring the competence and qualifications of translators, as well as the management of translation projects and the translation process itself.

Additionally, the standard outlines the guidelines for revision, editing, quality control, and delivery of translation projects.

The objective of this standard is to guarantee that translation services meet the highest quality standards while ensuring consistency in terms of terminology and style.

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In order to achieve this goal, the standard defines the following requirements:

Competence of translators

Translators must possess language proficiency, specialized knowledge in the subject matter being translated, and be familiar with translation tools.

Translation project management

translation companies must have a reliable project management system that includes defining objectives, deadlines, responsibilities, and resources.

Translation process

The standard establishes directives for the translation process, including the use of linguistic resources, verification of the translation's accuracy and consistency, and revision of the work.

Quality control

The standard mandates the implementation of a quality control system by translation companies to ensure the delivery of high-quality final work to the client.

Revision and editing

The standard provides guidelines for the revision and editing of translation work, including the identification of errors, the use of glossaries, and the verification of compliance with the client's requirements.

Delivery and storage

The standard establishes guidelines for the delivery of translation works to the client and for the secure and confidential storage of client and project information.